Historic Museum Art, Artefacts & Antiquities

Pictures & images of historic art & archaeology artefacts & antiquities from the great Museums of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa..



Prehistoric & Neolithic Era Museum Artefacts - 15000BC-1500BC

Many of our photo collection prehistoric museums are open air museums or sites so our prehistoric artworks include prehistoric Sahara rock art from Tauz North Africa and Europe. Many of the rock art exhibits are photographed on the rocks. Pictures of Museum rock art exhibits can seen from Valle Camonica Italy and France.



Pictures of Ancient World Museum Artefacts - 1500BC-500BC

The ancient world was creative with each of its civilisations leaving us wonderful artefacts and artworks especially carved into stone reliefs. The Assyrians Sculptures adorned their palaces with bombastic relief sculptures which showed their great success at conquering their enemies. Assyrian kings are depicted with the Gods in finely crated sculpted panels. The Babylonians preferred highly coloured tiles to make panels with lions and animals to decorate city entrances like the Ishtar Gate in Babylon. Mari created endearing statues of with people dressed in what looks like rush skirts.

Pictures of Classical World Artefacts & archaeological sites“Pictures“Pictures“Pictures“Pictures“Pictures“Pictures“Pictures


Pictures of Classical Era Museum Artefacts - 500BC-500AD

Many of the great museum collections contain wonderful examples of Classical art. The Greeks became the high masters of sculpture pushing it to incredibly high standards that have never been surpassed. Fine examples of Greek sculptures can be seen in our museum picture collections from the Louvre, Naples and the Vatican Museums.

Pictures from Roman Pompeii can be seen from the Naples Archaeological museum with its infamous examples of Roman Erotic Art. Our Roman collection contains one of the biggest collections of Roman mosaics on the web with pictures of the North African mosaics from the Bardo Museum Tunis as well as many great Roman mosaic collections including Roman mosaics from the National Roman Museum in Rome. Roman museum statue collections cover subjects from statues of Roman Emperors to Statues Roman Gods.



Pictures of Byzantine & Medieval Museum Artefacts - 500AD-1500AD

The middle ages produced many great artefacts and antiquities. The Byzantine Romans adorned the inside of their cathedrals with rich golden mosaics depicting Christ, the Virgin Mary with scenes from the Bible and New Testament. Our collection contains fine Byzantine mosaics from The Kariye in Istanbul through to the wonderful Mosaics of the Palatine Chapel in Palermo.

Some of the most endearing Christian works of art come from Romanesque Europe. The Medieval artists of the Romanesque created q visual world full of demons and monsters. A fine example of British Romanesque Norman sculpture can be seen on Kilpek Church.

One of the most familiar art style to western Europeans is that of the Gothic Era. Gothic art is rich and decorative making it a perfect style to glorify God through the great Gothic Altar panels of Gothic churches many of which are now preserved in museums.

Pictures of Islamic Artefacts & archaeological sites


Pictures of Islamic Museum Artefacts - 600AD-1800AD

Depictions of Gods or his profits is banned by Islam and Judaism under Gods commandment forbidding the worship of false idols. There are no depictions in Islamic Art of the Profit Mohamed in Islam for example or any other religious depictions. Islamic art is though sumptuous revolving around the playful use of geometric shapes and patterns. Museums like the Topkapi Palace are full of opulent rooms covered in Iznik Tile panels of great beauty

Pictures of Christian Artefacts & archaeological sites“Pictures“Pictures“Pictures


Pictures ofChristian Museum Art, Artefacts

Western Christians artists have never had a problem with depictions of God and the Christian Pantheon which at the last count include 5000 Roman Catholic Saints. In the Middle Ages the veneration of saints was very big business as it still is today in centres of pilgrimage like Lourdes and Compostela. The Roman Catholic church benefited greatly from pilgrimages and spent lavishly on Christian art as can be seen in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

Christian Sculptural depictions is allowed by the Roman Catholic church but was not allowed by the Byzantine Romans who formed the Orthodox church. Problems with the commandment of worshiping false Gods led the Byzantines to produce Christian art that conforms to the strict rules Icon production today. Two dimensional depictions were allowed producing a flat art that was full of richly dressed saints agains pure gold backgrounds. Byzantine mosaics were used on a grand scale covering the complete interiors of churches and cathedrals

Museum Collections

A-Z Index of links to the fast expanding MuseoPics Museum Picture Project which aims to share the worlds best museum exhibits with those around the world that cannot visit the museums or with those that want to plan a museum visit. MuseoPics aims to provide a unique educational and picture library resource for enthusiasts, academics and picture buyers.

Aphrodisas Archaeological Site Museum - Turkey.
Aphrodisias was founded as an important city of Ancient Greek Magna Gracia. Its archaeological site contains a major collection of bas relief panels from the Roman Temple of Aphrodite ( Venus). Along with sarcophagi and Roman statues the Aphrodisas Archaeological Site Museum hold an import collection of artefacts.

Athens Archaeological Museum
The Athens Archaeological Museum is one of the world most important museums containingg important collections of Minoan, Mycenaean, Archaic Greek and Classical Greek artefacts antiquities and art.

Bardo Archaeology Museum - Tunis.
The world best Roman Mosaic collection is held at the Bardo Museum Tunis. The Bardo boasts an incredible array of complete Roman mosaic panels of the highest quality produced in the Roman Empire. Exhibited in a modern museum complex, the collections of the Bardo of world importance.

British Museum - London
The British Museum is one of the most important Museums in the world. The vast range of historical and archaeological exhibits makes The British Museum not only a unique centre of study and research but also one of the "must see" tourist destinations in London.

Capo di Ponte Museum - Valle Camoinica - Italy
The biggest area containing Neolithic Rock Engravings in the world is an area of the Valle Camonica in northern Italy covering tens of kilometers. The Neolithic people who lived here were prolithic rock carvers and their work can be seen in the Capo di Ponte Museum and many open air museums that are to be found in the Valle Camonica. The area is so important it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Capitoline Museum - Rome
The Capitoline Museum of Roman antiquities overlooks the Roman Forum from where many of its exhibits would have been excavated. The Capitoline Museum is one of the great world museums with a fine collection of Roman statues including the Capitoline Venus, the bronze of Emperor Marcus Aurelius on horseback and the remnants of a giant statue of Emperor Constantine.

Florence National Archaeological Museum
Florence National Archaeological Museum contains a collection of Etruscan artefacts and antiquities of world importance with fine Etruscan sarcophagi, pottery and sculptures.

Istanbul Archaeology Museum
Founded in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum has imporant collections of sculptured Lycian and Ancient Greek sarcophagus from Sidon one of which is known as the Alexander Sarcphagus. With fine exhibits of Roman artefacts and statue to Byzantien and Islamic Ottoman exhibits the Istanbul Archaeology Museum is one of the less known treasures of Istanbul

Lindisfarne Priory Museum
The Anglo Saxon ruins of Lindisfarne Priory date from the dawn of Christianity in the British Isles. The tiny Lindisfarne Priory Museum contains a small but important collection of Anglo Saxon artefacts including a stele depicting the sacking of Lindisfarne Priory by the Vikings

Lod Museum Roman Mosaics - Israel
The Roman mosaic that was un-earthed during the building of a highway in 1996 at Lod in Israel, is complete and intact. It demonstrates the complete domination the Romans had of the Mediterranean. A wonderful nautical seascape this a wonderful Roman mosaic.

Museum of Anatolian Civilisations - Ankara
Museum of Anatolian Civilisations is probably the most important museum for those studying the Ancient Hittites in the world. With an incredible collection of Neo-Hittite orthostats and cuneiform tablets, the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations is a must for any lover of Ancient World art and artefacts.

Naples National Archaeological Museum
The Naples National Archaeological Museum is one of the most important Roman archaeology museums in the world. The Naples National Archaeological Museum houses the important archeology find from Pompeii and Herculaneum including the infamous Roman erotic art collection. The Roman statues at the Naples National Archaeological Museum is incredible centred around the massive Farnese Bull, the biggest excavated Roman sculpture, which came from the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. With exquisite Roman mosaics and artefacts the Naples National Archaeological Museum is a "must see" for visitors to Naples

Neues Museum - Berlin.
Reopened after restoration in 2009 the Neues museum contains collections of world importance. The museum Contains 3 major collections: the collection of Egyptian art from the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung, of prehistoric objects from the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte, and of classical antiquities from the Antikensammlung.

National Museum of Catalan Art - Barcelona.
The National Museum of Catalan Art Barcelona contains major collections of Romanesque and Gothic art from Catalonia. The Romanesque collection contains complete church interiors. The MNAC collections are world class, unique and very important

National Roman Museum - Rome.
The National Roman Museum of Rome houses excavted artefacts and antiquities from Rome. This included many reconstructions of excavated Roman villa interiors with lavish Roman fresco and mosaic interior decorations. The National Roman Museum of Rome exhibits gives us a very good idea of what it would have been like to walk into a Roman Villa in the 1st & 2nd century AD. With an huge collection of Roman statues and artefacts The National Roman Museum of Rome is one of the worlds most important museums.

Paestrum Archaeological Site Museum - Italy
Paestrum was an important Ancient Greek city of Magna Grecia. Today the archaeological boasts Greek Doric temple complexes. The Paestrum museum houses a collection of Greek burial chamber frescoes of world importance including the "Tomb of The Diver". Paestrum museum also contains important Greek finds from the archaeology site

Pergamon Museum - Berlin
The Pergamon Museum is one of the most important museums of the Ancient and Classical Era in the World. Built originally to house original-sized, reconstructed monumental buildings such as the Pergamon Altar and the Market Gate of Miletus, from present day Turkey, The Pergamon Museum also houses excavations from Babylon, Uruk, Assur, Miletus, Priene and Egypt, including a reconstruction of the Ishtar Gate and its Ancient Babylonian tile panels.

The National Museum of Magna Græcia of Reggio Calabria The National Museum of Magna Græcia of Reggio Calabria houses the incredible Riace Bronzes, two complete ancient Greek Bronze statues of incredible beauty. The musuem is being rebuilt to house Greek atrefacts of Magna Grecia

The Archeological Museum of Seville
The Archeological Museum of Seville majors on the Roman finds from Italica. Its most important statue is the famous "Venus Italica" and the collection contains other Roman statues and artefacts.

Tangier Museum - Venus Mosaic
The Archeological Museum of Tangier is small but contains an exquisite mosaic from North Africa.

The Vatican Museums Rome
The Vatican Collections Rome contain the collections put together by different Popes since the Renaissance. The The Vatican Collections contain Roman, Christian and Ancient World antiquities of world Importnace.

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FunkyStock Historic Eras & Civilisations Pictures

Funky stock pictures if historical eras & civilisations artefacts, antiquities and historic places & architecture.

Pictures of Historic art of the great civilisations of Ancient Mesopotamia including, Mari, Lagesh and the Ancient Assyrians with sculptures and relief panels from their great palaces.

The biggest on line picture collection of Hittite Art with exhibits from the best museums in Europe and the Middle East.

Our photo collections also have images of the archaeological sites of the Classical world as well as pictures of Classical World antiquities from the great museums of Europe.

Our Medieval Picture collections include Romanesque art and antiquities, Gothic art and artefacts as well as the art of the great Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire.