Historic Eras & Civilisations

Pictures & images of ancient & historic places and archaeology sites, art artefacts and museum antiquities.



Prehistoric & Neolithic Era- 15000BC-1500BC

Our prehistoric picture galleries contain photos of prehistoric and Neolithic historic archaeological sites. Images of the great Neolithic stone ring circles of northern Europe such as Stonehenge and Ring of Brodgar as well as the best preserved Neolithic village in Europe at Skara Brae on the Isle of Orkney. Pictures of prehistoric rock art from the northern Sahara and of Europe including the vast number of rock carvings in the Val Comenica as well as archaeological sites & Rock Art Musuem Exhibits

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Pictures of Ancient World Artefacts & Historical Places - 1500BC-500BC

Our Ancient world galleries explore the art, artefacts and antiquities of the great Mesopotamian civilisations of lagesh, Mari, Babylon and Assyria as well as the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. The civilisations of archaic Greece are also explored with picture galleries of Mycenaean and of the Minoans. The largest collection of photos of Hittite Art can also be found in our image collections.

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Pictures of Classical Era Artefacts & Historical Places - 500BC-500AD

Pictures of the great civilisations of the Classical era reveal the roots of our present culture. Pictures of the great art of the Ancient Greek include the recently restored Riace Bronzes and well as iconic Greek statues like the Venus de Milo. Images of Roman copies of earlier Ancient Hellenistic Greek statues show us heights that Greek sculptors reached.
Roman art also concentrates on Roman Villa interior decorations with a huge picture collection of Roman Mosaics from all around the Roman Empire as well as Roman Villa paintings and erotic art from Pompeii. Pictures of Roman archaeological sites show how the Roman cities followed the same rules in North Africa, the Levante all the way through to norther Europe.
The Classical er also includes the art of the great Ancient Persian Empire and less well know civilisations of Anatolia such as the Lycian's

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Pictures of Byzantine & Medieval Artefacts & Historical Places - 500AD-1500AD

Our historic picture collections explore extensively the Medieval period from around 500AD to the 16th century.
The greatest civilisation that dominated the early Middle Ages was the Eastern Roman Empire which is better known, if mistakenly, as the Byzantine Empire. The Roman Byzantine Empire produced great artworks and monumental architecture, such as Hagia Sophia, whilst the western Roman Empire slowly collapsed to be slowly replaced by new civilisations. Our picture collections of the Roman Byzantines include a huge collection of Byzantine mosaics from as far apart as Constantinople, now Istanbul, through Sicily to Spain. Byzantine art influenced western art until its final collapse in 1453.
The Romanesque was a medieval era dominated by architecture that us Ancient Roman principles of building. Romanesque art was heavily influenced by Byzantine art. Our collection explores Romanesque architecture and Romanesque art.
The Gothic Era started in Northern Europe where great Gothic Cathedrals were built from the early 1200s. The original Gothic model was build at St Denis in Paris and soon lavishly ornamented Cathedrals at a size and height unknown in western Europe before were being built in every major city in northern Europe. Our picture collections also explore Gothic art with separate collections dedicated to Gothic Sculpture and Gothic Paintings.

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Pictures of Islamic Artefacts & Historical Places - 600AD-1800AD

Islam, apart from the Byzantines, was the other major player of the early middle ages. Islamic rulers embraced the civilisations they conquered and learnt very fast to replace them with sophisticated Islamic cultures that quickly excelled in philosophy, mathematic.

Islamic art is a vast and diverse area but unlike Christian art Islamic art is not dominated by depictions of deities as the Bible, and therefore the Quran, forbade it. The Islamic Arabs were great mathematicians and so Islamic art developed geometric designs of great complexity that we can marvel at today.

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Pictures ofChristian Art, Artefacts & Historical Places

Christianity was the driving force behind the Roman Byzantine Empire and the medieval western european civilisations that grew during the Middle Ages. The art of these cultures is follows predominantly Christian themes, the western Christians developing a Christian art with paintings and sculptures, and the Eastern Byzantine Romans creating a Christian art that revolved around the two dimensional representations of the Icon.

The biggest monumental building projects of the Middle ages were also Christian, and much of this period can be best viewed through the great Christian Churches of the period which started with the building of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople and ended with the great Cathedrals of Northern Europe such as Chartres.

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FunkyStock Historic Eras & Civilisations Pictures

Funky stock pictures if historical eras & civilisations artefacts, antiquities and historic places & architecture.

Pictures of Historic art of the great civilisations of Ancient Mesopotamia including, Mari, Lagesh and the Ancient Assyrians with sculptures and relief panels from their great palaces.

The biggest on line picture collection of Hittite Art with exhibits from the best museums in Europe and the Middle East.

Our photo collections also have images of the archaeological sites of the Classical world as well as pictures of Classical World antiquities from the great museums of Europe.

Our Medieval Picture collections include Romanesque art and antiquities, Gothic art and artefacts as well as the art of the great Eastern Roman Byzantine Empire.