MuseoPics - Images of Historic Sites and Museum Exhibits



MuseoPics - Photos of Historical Places

Pictures & images of Ancient archaeological & historic sites of Europe & the Middle East

Pictures & Images of Medieval historic sites & medieval archaeological sites & architecture

Photos & images of Post medieval sites & places & architecture

MuseoPics Images of Historical Art

Pictures of Neo Classic & modern historical sites & architecture

Pictures & Images from The Middle Ages

MuseoPics- Pictures of Religious Art & Places

Pictures & images of historic UNESCO World Heritage sites in Europe & the Middle East

Pictures & images of Norman architecture & Norman art & Archaeological sites

Pictures & Images of Christian art, Basilicas & Churches of Europe & the Middle East

MuseoPics - Photos of Historic Eras

Pictures & photos of Christian art, sculptures, mosaics & paintings

Pictures & photos of Gothic art, sculptures, mosaics & paintings

MuseoPics - Images of Historic Peoples

Pictures & images of historic Roman sites and art in Europe and the Middle East

Pictures & images of Ancient Greek art and Archaeological sites

Pictures & Images of Norman art, and architecture

MuseoPics - Historic Misc

Pictures & images of UNESCO World Hertiage Sites in Europe and the Middle East

Pictures & images of Archaeological Museum exhibits


MuseoPics the free on-line museum - Images of important historic places, pictures of ancient archaeology sites, as well as photos of the very best museum exhibits and artifacts, from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, to download from the MuseoPics on line museum photo collections. With photos of Neolithic sites and archaeological museum exhibits, through the great civilisations of Mesepotamia via Greek and Roma historic sites to the great churches, castles and art of the Middle Ages, the MuseoPics photo collections are a visual journey through over 5,000 years of Man's history. These unique image collections bring together the great archaeological collections from the best mueums in one place for the first time. Picture the past with MuseoPics the free on line museum.


MuseoPics - Images of Historic & Archaeology Sites & Museum Exhibits
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    MuseoPics brings you pictures & Images of the great ancient archaeological sites & historic sites & places of Europe & the Middle East. From the great cities of the Ancient world to the famous Medieval & Modern historic buildings this collection of photos & images is an unique window to the architectures of the ancient & medieval world

    The art of The ancient & medieval civilisations of Europe & The Middle East. Images of the best frescoes, sculptures & pottery from Archaeological Museums & photos of the great Archaeological Sites of the Ancient World & medieval Europe.

    All photographs on this site have been taken by Paul Williams.There are few other photographers in the world with the experience of food photography that of Paul Williams has gained over the last 30 years. Paul has worked on major food advertising campaigns for the UK and Europe as well as taking food pictures for packaging design & advertising photography projects for nearly every major food brand in the UK.

    His photos & images have won him many awards for DNAD & Clio award winning campaigns. He was awarded a silver in the Polaroid European Photographer awards and won a silver Rose of Montreau for his Coca Cola TV Commercials. Paul was also awarded the coveted Glenfiddich cookery book award.

    For the last 4 years Paul has also concentrated on taking location pictures & landscape photography making trips to photograph many parts of Europe to photograph places of historical & archaeological importance. Every year over 5000 new travel pictures and food photos are added to the library.

    This Picture resource is for pictures editors, researchers, students & enthusiasts of the Ancient World. Browse the Ancient World Picture collections and also buy prints on line. Please Bookmark as new pages are being added all the time.

    All images in the Ancient World collections are by travel photographer Paul Williams & are available to license & download as stock photos or to buy as prints or cards. All photos are rights reserved but maybe used by students & lecturers for college projects & lectures. © Paul Williams 2012















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