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MuseoPics - Images of Historic Places and Museum Exhibits

MuseoPics is the free on-line museum - These photo collections contain images of important historic places, pictures of ancient archaeology sites, as well as photos of the very best museum exhibits and artefacts, from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The photos are available to download as high resolution images or buy as photo art prints on line.
MuseoPics offers a unique resource for picture buyers to download photos of museum exhibits that are exclusive to Funkystock Photo Library.
The MuseoPics photo collections have images starting from Neolithic sites and archaeological museum exhibits. Images of the great civilisations of Mesopotamia include photos of almost all of the Hittite exhibits in the Museums of Europe and the Near East. Photos of Greek and Roman museum exhibits include rare Greek frescoes from Paestum Museum to the great Roman statue collections of Naples and the Louvre Museums.
The MuseoPics photo collections also major on Romanesque and Gothic art and historic plcaes of the Middle Ages. The photo collections contain photos from important museum collections of the National Museum of Catalan Art in Barcelona and from the Louvre. The photo collections also cover the great Romanesque and Gothic Churches and Cathedrals of Europe.
These are a unique image collections that bring together the great archaeological exhibits from the best museums in one place for the first time. Picture the past with MuseoPics the free on line museum high resolution stock royalty free images to download on line.