Fine Art Photo Prints by Photographer Paul E Williams { 12 galleries }

Photo Wall Art Print Galleries if Fine Art abstract photos in both colour and black and white by photographer Paul E Williams. "Flowerpress" is a polaroid lift photo art series that won Paul E Williams a Polaroid European Final Art Award. The polaroid lift technique compliments the folds of pressed flowers to create a powerful series of wall art prints. "Solaroids" is a black and white polaroid technique invented by Paul E Williams which is no longer possible as the film stock is discontinued. By solarising polaroid negatives then copying them as they dry and form surface crystals Paul E Williams created a powerful street look. The use of shadows to create shapes of animals or people from leaves or fusty objects was at the core of "At the Circus" and "Flying Machines". Paul E Williams was commissioned to photograph Dire Straits "On Every Street" album cover using the Solaroid technique which can be seen for the first time as an original in the "Various & Variations".

These powerful creative photo art images can be downloaded as wall art either from this collection (prints dispatched from the USA) or form our World Photo Print Gallery at ( prints dispatched from 16 high quality photo art printers based around the world, with a 30 day money back guarantee fulfilled by Fine Art America)

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