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Indian Cuisine is one of the 5 great cuisines of the world. Indian cuisine is an awkward term though because it actually encompasses dishes from Pakistan and Bangladesh. The great cuisine of Indian has its roots in the Moghul Court whose fabulous wealth meant that it could afford to develop an sophisticated cuisine. Dishes from Persia were adapted using Indian spices and styles to create the great dishes of Indian cuisine.

Strangely though, much of Indian food popular in Britain is an Anglo-Indian invention by Indian Restaurants run by Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Kashmiri chefs. Dishes like Balti curry and Tikka Masala were invented by these creative and enterprising restaurants to create an Indian cuisine that is unknown in India. It is an irony though that Anglo Indian food producers are now starting to export their Anglo Indian sauces to India.

Indian food, in all its guises, is an incredibly diverse and exciting cuisine. The British have taken Indian food to their hearts and Tikka Masala was voted their favourite dish for many years. The combination of spices, meat and vegetables served on fragrant rice and eaten with naan bread is an incredible combination bursting with flavour. It is not surprising then that supermarkets in Britain offer a huge selection of Indian ready meals.

There is a new wave of Indian restaurants in Britain that are based on Indian cuisine. These are vegetarian, as meat is not eaten by Hindus, and the menus do not have any of the old favourite Anglo Indian recipes. Prashad Indian Restaurant in Bradford is a great example of a real Indian restaurant. Its dishes are fragrant and full of flavours missing from many Anglo Indian restaurants. Prashad demonstrates the depth of Indian cooking and point a way to a future that will be full of new and exciting Indian food.

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