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Images pictures & photos of Scotland. Scotland is a beautiful country famous for its heather clad mountains and islands. It is an ancient country which dates back to Neolithic times when ancient peoples built great monuments like the Ring of Brodgar on Orkney. The first visitors to Scotland were hunter gathers, 12800 years ago, who followed the receding glaciers in search of food. The first villages in Scotland were built around around 6000 years ago and Scotland has the most well preserved Neolithic village in Europe on the Isle of Orkney called Skara Brae. By the late Bronze age Celts had set up trading maritime routes and celtic burial remains have been found as far as north Africa and on the silk route in the Near East. The celts were one of the dominate tribes of western Europe until the Romans arrived and conquered them. The Romans drew a line literally in the form of Hadrian's wall across the north of England. This created the dividing line that is just south of the present borders of Scotland.

In 1502, James IV of Scotland signed the Treaty of Perpetual Peace with Henry VII of England. He married Margaret Tudor, Henry VII daughter, in August 1503 paving the way for the Union of the Crowns of England and Scotland. On 24 July 1567 to the Stewart King James VI of Scotland who became James I of England and made the union of the Scottish and English crowns. Scottish Stewart monarchs sat on the throne of the United Kingdom until the Roman Catholic James II was deposed in 1688. James I was succeeded by his daughter Mary and he husband William who in turn were succeeded by Queen Anne then in1703 George Elector of Hanover became King of England but the Scottish Parliament did not formally settle his succession to the Scottish throne. The question arose of Georges rights of Accession as the Scots as he was not a Stuart but in 1707 the Scottish and English Parliaments signed the Union with England Act. This led to the Jacobite rising of 1715 when James Francis Edward Stuart attempted to take the throne The Jacobites were successful in central Scotland but they failed to take Edinburgh and after many battles the rebellion faltered in 1725.

The failure of the Jacobites led to a brutal repression of the Scots. In1746 Act of Proscription required all swords held by Scots to be surrendered and banned the wearing of clan tartans and kilts. More notorious were the Highland Clearances. These were stated as experiments in making agriculture viable in the Highlands but resulted in the exploitation by ruthless Lords of the peasants of the Highlands. Scotland is steeped in history and the old enmity with England surfaces every time the two countries play each other at Rugby. Scotland is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt countries in Europe and is well worth a visit but be sure to take waterproof clothing. High resolution stock royalty free images of food picture images to download on line.

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