People Photo art Prints by Photographer Paul E Williams { 12 galleries }

Photo Art Print Galleries of Reportage and Street People photos and pictures by photographer Paul E Williams.

" Theses photo wall art galleries are dedicated to the people I never knew who populate the photos.The underlying theme in these galleries is people at play.

"Being a photographer means that you are always observing the world and the tiny moments that, when captured, tell a story. The photos in this gallery are dedicated to this split second when I made a connection with people I didn't know. These people entered my consciousness in a split second which caused my finger to press the button on my camera. Usually with street and reportage photography I find that the first time I consciously see all that my sub conscious saw, in that spit second of taking a photo, is when I make a print of it. The freezing of time in a photograph freezes movement turning people into living statues held forever in one pose. It is the alignment, juxtaposition and abstract poses that make street photography so captivating to me. A frozen gesture or movement that creates a story and world all of its own. It is to these brief moments in time my mind observed and found interesting that these photographs are dedicated". Paul E Williams 2021.

These powerful creative photo art images can be downloaded as wall art either from this collection (prints dispatched from the USA) or some of the photos form our World Photo Print Gallery at ( prints dispatched from 16 high quality photo art printers based around the world, with a 30 day money back guarantee fulfilled by Fine Art America)

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  • BY THE SEA - A Documentary & Street Photo Art Series by Paul E Williams
  • DAY TRIPPER - Street Art Photography Series by Photographer Paul E Williams