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Pictures, images, photos of the very best of Christian Art and Museum antiquities. Pictures of Gothic sculpture, Romanesque frescoes, medieval Christian art as well as images of early Byzantine Christian mosaics and pictures of Orthodox Icons. For the last 2000 years Christians have lavished their places of worship with Christian art and artworks as can be seen by the pictures and images in this gallery which contains some of the best examples of Christian art from the last 2000 years. Until the Renaissance and the Reformation the biggest benefactors of the arts were the western catholic and eastern Orthodox Churches. Christian art was important to Christian from its inception. Symbols such as the fish were used by early Christians to mark places of worship and to proclaim themselves as Christians in a pagan Roman world. Early Christian churches and places of worship were decorated with mosaics and frescoes depicting scenes from the life of Christ and the Bible. As Christians began to venerate their saints and martyrs churches were decorated churches with their images. By the middle ages the iconography of over 5000 saints had been established and the image of Christ as a white and bearded had been fixed. Christian art was accessible to everyone unlike the written teachings of Christianity which were in latin. This allowed the church to control the message to its congregation and Christian art became a way to preach to the faithful. The Last Judgement became an important Christian theme in every major Catholic Cathedral. The medieval Christian artists fervent imagination produced ghoulish images of the damned being tortured in hell that even scared the blood thirsty medieval knights. Such graphic Christian imagery impressed the medieval mind so much that Kings, Barons and Dukes gave richly to the church in hope that their sins would be forgiven in the next world. The Renaissance is seen to be a high point in Christian art with pieces like the Last Judgement and the Sistine Chapel roof being held up as the ultimate masterpieces. This history is very much written from an enlightenment viewpoint and overlooks the great achievements of Byzantine Christian artists and great Christian works of art like the Palatine Chapel interior mosaics in Palermo that blends Christian Byzantine and Islamic art to dramatic effect. The Christian Icons of the Eastern Orthodox faith also reached a point of great beauty but the rigidity of the stylistic approach imposed by the Orthodox church stopped them reaching a point that expresses realistic emotions. Download pictures, images and photos of Christian art and artworks or buy as photo art prints on line.

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