Places & Landscape Photo art Prints by Photographer Paul E Williams { 10 galleries }

Photo Wall Art Print Galleries of landscape photos and historic landmark places of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East by photographer Paul E Williams. The basis of the photo art print in these galleries is "the Past" and our place in it.

"we can connect with the past and our our ancestors through the objects and buildings they crafted that survive for us to enjoy today, When you touch an ancient standing stone you can feel the mans hand who put the stone there 3000 years ago. Similarly when you look at an ancient, sculpture of rock carving you connect directly through sight with the hands that crafted them. The shape of buildings and style of paintings describes an era and mind set of a particular group of ancestors who left their mark for us to see. By looking at the great ruined palaces, castles and Chateaux built on dreams of power and wealth we can also see tangible proof that nothing lasts for ever, even the power of the all powerful. It is with these thought in mind that I created the photos in these galleries". Paul E Williams 2021.

These powerful creative photo art images can be downloaded as wall art either from this collection (prints dispatched from the USA) or form our World Photo Print Gallery at ( prints dispatched from 16 high quality photo art printers based around the world, with a 30 day money back guarantee fulfilled by Fine Art America)

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