Ancient Roman & Greek Sculpture Colour Wall Art Prints by Photographer Paul E Williams { 37 images } Created 1 Sep 2021

Colour photo wall art of ancient Greek and Roman bronze and marble sculptures and statues. Our most familiar visual connection with the ancient Greek sculptors of 2500 years ago are their statues. Classical Greek sculpture styles were copied first by the Romans and later during the Renaissance by famous sculptors like Michelangelo. The classical style of the Greeks became the style adopted by western civilisations for its monumental art to this day. If the great ancient Greek sculptors like Praxiteles, Lysistratus or Phidias were to visit any western city today, the statues of the great and good that adorn city squares would look very familiar to them. Such has been the power of Greco Roman sculpture which has stamped its style and techniques on high art for the last 2500 years. It is incredible that any sculpture could survive the wars and conflicts that have ravaged the old Roman Empire over the last 2000 years. The statues that have survived were buried in deserted cities or excavated from wrecks. Bronze does not corrode in salt water and nearly all of the ancient Greek statues that are in museums today have come from ship wrecks. The marble statues we see today attributed to Greek sculptors are Roman copies of lost bronze original statues. The Romans were avid fans of Greek art and adopted its style and designs with great fervou and it is this legacy that makes up the bulk of Greco Roman sculptures in our archaeological museums. This collection of colour prints of ancient Greek and Roman antiquities has been selected to bring their inspirational art to any home or work place. The powerful Greco Roman sculptures in this colour wall art print collection are antiquities of great beauty that were designed to be objects of wonder 2000 years ago, and they still do so today. Selected by photographer Paul E Williams this colour wall art print series is a powerful reminder of the skill and creativity of our ancient ancestors.

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