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Bread is the staple in many Western countries. Made from flour that has been risen by the action of yeast, bread varies in quality widely from mass produced factory breads to hand made artisan breads. Some of the finest Artisan breads come from France and Italy. The oldest artisan bakeries use dough from a batch of bread to start off the fermentation of succeeding batches of bread, In the oldest bakeries in Paris this process has continued without a break for over 150years. The wild yeast that was used to make the first batch of bread would have created its own distinctive flavour in the bread. This means that each of the great bakeries of Paris have their own distinctive flavours.

Real artisan breads are crafted with great skill. The length of pre fermentations and their consistency will vary the texture and taste of the final bread. Controlling this is a matter of great skill and experience. Some pre fermentations can take over 16 hours which will produce full flavoured breads.

Sourdough breads are the result of long fermentations resulting from natural yeasts that are in the air.

The result of the artisans skills are endless types of bread that are not just a staple but are a delicacy in themselves.

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