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Pictures photos images of the ruins of the neolithic Barnhouse Nolithic settlement on the Isle of Orkney, Scotland.Close to the standing stones of Stenness and Brodgar on the banks of Loch Harray is a neolithic village known today as the Barnhouse settlement. Dating from around 2600BC the settlement has at its centre what appears to have been a central hall about 7 meters square. Like Maeshowe, the hall of Barnhouse is built in a base of yellow clay. To enter the building people had to pass along a 3 meter long corridor which suggests that the building had some sort of ritual purpose. This idea is strengthened by the close approximation of the Standing Stones of Stenness and Brodgar. The bases of 15 houses have been excavated at Barnhouse which are similar in ground plan to those at Skara Brae. They consisted of round stone walls with timber and turf roofs and were accessed through small doorways. Unlike Skara brae the doorways at Barnhouse were not connected by covered passage ways but trying to connect the 2 neolithic village styles is pointless as the Barnhouse settlement was abandoned 450 years before Skara Brae was built. There is evidence that each of the buildings at Barnhouse was demolished deliberately at some point either as part of an attack on them or as part of a ritual practise of the time.As with all the Neolithic archaeological sites on Orkney, the purpose of Barnhouse is the subject of much academic debate. The ritualistic features at Barnhouse have developed the idea that the site was the dwelling place of priests and some of the houses were in fact chambered cairns used as tombs. The close proximity of the standing stones seems to suggest that maybe Barnhouse was a ritualistic centre and this may explain why it was dismantled, maybe when ritualistic practices changed. Buy and download pictures & images of Barnhouse Neolithic Settlement as stock photos or buy prints on line.

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