Basilica of Santissima Trinita di Saccargia Sardinia - Pictures & Images - { 35 images } Created 8 Feb 2018

Picture and image of the interior frescoes and exterior of the Tuscan Romanesque Pisan style basilica of Santissima Trinita di Saccargia, consecrated 1116, Codrongianos, Sardinia. The Basilica di Saccargia by the Camaldolensian Order of monks during the 12th century following a donation by King Constantine I of Torres. The basilica of Santissima Trinita di Saccargia is the most important Romanesque Pisan style church in Sardinia and our pictures in our image galleries show that it is well preserved and maintained. The Basilica of Santissima is the only building that remains of a larger monastery complex on the site. Built from alternating layers of dark basalt and white limestone, the Basilica of Santissima is a striking building from the outside with and the architectural style of its campanile and apse are typical of the Tuscan style. The front portico has a cow motif carved into its left capital as show in our picture gallery, and this may have led to the name ‘Saccargia’ used to describe the church. Its source may be ‘Sa Vacca Arza’ the Sardinian phrase that translates as ‘Cow with spotted hide’. Others believe that the name of the Basilica comes from the Phoenician ‘sachar’ which means ‘closed place’. The Tuscan style campanile stands at 40 meters high. The church is laid out as a latin cross and its central Apse is longer than the side Aisles leads to a Romanesque Aspe that is decorated with Byzantine style frescoes. In our picture gallery the depiction of Christ Pantocrator can be seen in the central apse. Christ sits in majesty revealed in a mondorla, and upright eye shape that allows us to see him in heaven. Below Christ Pantocrator are the Byzantine style frescoes of the Apostles and Mary. In another register are scenes of Christ's Passion with a central Calvary crucifixion. Our picture galleries give a complete set of images of the interior and exterior of this beautiful basilica.
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