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Brac (Brač) is the largest island in Dalmatia, and the third largest in the Adriatic. Brac is a sleepy island with small fishing villages dotted around its coast. Its most important commodity is the fine white limestone that is quarried on Brac and was used in Diocletian's Palace of Split and the Canadian National Vimy Memorial. Inland the island is covered in olive groves and vineyards.

Although inhabited in prehistoric times, Brac was overlooked by the Greeks. Later the Romans incorporated it into their Empire and there is evidence of Roman stone quarries on Brac. Brač was famous for goats and the Roman writer Pliny comments that from the island of Brattia (Brac) comes excellent cheese, wine and olive oil.

Its history then followed the pattern set for the whole of Croatia. From 1357 the Venetians and Hungarians fought over Brac but in 1420 did the Venetian Republic ruled for more than four centuries, until 1797, when the Habsburg Monarchy annexed Brac as part of a deal with Napoleonic France.

Brac is a haven for yachts with small deserted bays to moor in. A 30 minute walk inland from one of the hidden bays near Bol leads to the remote Blaca Hermitage. The Hermitage became known internationally when its Abbot, Friar Nikola Milicevic an enthusiastic astronomer, discovered two stars, one of which he named Croatia, as well as several comets. Milicevic was not lacking in the proper equipment nor astronomical literature in Blaca. When he purchased a telescope in 1926 and brought it to the monastery, it was the largest such device in this part of Europe. Weighing 900 kilograms, it has a 19 centimeter lens.

Brac is a wonderful island for walkers who can find deserted coves and enjoy a peaceful swim in the crystal clear sea. The ,most famous beach on Brac is a spit horn shaped of sand that juts out from the coast for 500 m called the Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat). Boats ferry passengers out to Zlatni Rat from the mainland for day trips during the high season and it becomes packed.

The main resorts are Supetar, Bol - with the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic, the Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat), Sutivan, Milna and Sumartin.

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