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BY THE SEA - A documentary & street photo art series by photographer Paul Williams.

"I have been working on this series for over 20 years and it shows no signs of ending!! I grew up in Buckingham as far from the sea as it is possible to get in the British Isles. I remember very clearly when I was 8 or 9 seeing the sea for the first time. The impact and fascination it had on me has remained with me all my life. The sea has a strange effect on people. The magnetic effect of the seaside is powerful and people flock to it like lemmings every summer. Once there they metamorphose into different people donning often inappropriate clothing that they would not normally be seen dead in. The seaside awakes the child in adults who suddenly have compulsive urges to take paraglider rides or hire fast jet skis. Others have a compulsion to cook themselves slowly and painfully until the turn red and then into a nutty brown. The architecture of the seaside is also unique with piers dominating seafronts in many northern European seaside resorts, especially in Britain. Good taste goes out of the window and kitsch rules by the sea where "Bright is beautiful". This series is dedicated to all of this and more and is endlessly absorbing as far as I am concerned. I hope you enjoy these galleries". Paul Williams.

Photo art prints of the "By The Sea" series are offered for sale on on this site printed and sent worldwide from the USA. The series is printed as a fine art series on A3+ Hahnemuhle archive photo art paper. These fine art signed prints are sold only through our agents and in some cases direct to collectors.
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