CIRCLES of STONE - Art Photos of Neolithic Standing Stone Monuments by Photographer Paul E Williams { 10 images } Created 24 Jun 2021

CIRCLES of STONE - A photo art series of neolithic standing stone circles and neolithic stone burial chambers by photographer Paul Williams. An on going series started in 2014.

"Some of the most enigmatic heirlooms our neolithic ancestors have left us are the great standing stone monuments that are scattered across the world. One of the most famous is Stone Henge, a standing stone circle surrounded by a henge, or ditch in southern England. Scholars and modern druids have assumed that this 5000 year old monument was used for religious purposes. In the absence of written evidence its impossible to prove what these standing stone monuments were really used for. Scholars found that the standing stones at Skara Brae on the isle of Orkney had been brought from many different parts of the island. This led to theorising that each stone had been brought by a different island clan and that the stone circle could have been an early parliament. The biggest stone circle in the UK can be found at Avebury in Wiltshire, not far from Stone henge. The stone circle at Avebury is so big that it surrounds a small village and its Norman church. From the circle a long row of standing stones stones 25m wide and 2.5 km long run to the Sanctuaries of Silbury Hill and West Kennet Long Barrow. Neolithic man must have had very pressing reasons to move stones weighing up to 25 tons over many miles to build these great monuments. Sadly we will never really know but that doesn't stop us wondering and marvelling at our ancestors ingenuity. It is known though that the standing stones known as quoits or chamber tombs, were the supports for a burial chamber that was once covered in earth. I hope you enjoy the photos". Paul Williams.

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