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Pictures & images & photos of Caerlaverock Castle, Dumfries Galloway, Scotland. Caerlaverock Castle was built 400 years ago on the edge of the Solway Firth in Scotland to protect the most souther point of the Scottish Kingdom. Caerlaverock Castle stands on the remains of a Roman fort and an earlier castle built in 950 by a British Lord Karlauerock. To strengthen his southern borders in 1220 King Alexander II of Scotland granted Sir John Maccuswell permission to build a new castle at Caerlaverock. The Maccuswell, or Maxwell, Family held Caerlaverock Castle until the 17th century when it was abandoned. Caerlaverock Castle is a triangular castle and the reason for this still puzzles academics today. Caerlaverock Castle’s triangular design is unique in the British Isles but its design offers formidable defences. The defensive design of Caerlaverock Castle was tested many times and the castle survived some huge sieges. In 1300 Edward I besieged f Caerlaverock Castle with around 3000 men. The castle held out for 2 days until it was taken and its defenders slaughtered. In the Civil War of 1640 Caerlaverock Castle held out against parliamentary forces for 13 weeks until it finally fell. As was the practise of the time parts of Caerlaverock Castles curtain walls were destroyed so it had to be abandoned.

Caerlaverock Castle has changed little since it was abandoned and its triangular shape surrounded by a moat make it one of the picturesque castles of Scotland and the British Isles.Download pictures & images of Caerlaverock Castle as stock photos or as photo art prints on line

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