Coba Hoyuk Hittite Relief Sculpture Orthostats Art - Art { 10 images } Created 16 Feb 2016

Pictures photos images of the Coba Hoyuk’s (Coba Höyük) Hittite monumental relief orthostat panels & Hittite sculpture statues, Coba Hoyuk, Turkey. Coba Hoyuk (Coba Höyük or Sakçe Gözü or Sakçagözü) is an archaeological site in south west Anatolia, present day Turkey. Coba Hoyuk has been occupied since Neolithic times and became part of the Neo-Hittite state around 1000BC. The site was fist found by Karl Humann and Felix von Luschan in 1883 and the Hittite artefacts found can be seen as excavated at Sakçagözü in the Vorderasiatisches Museum, part of the Pergamon Museum Berlin. These Hittite relief sculptures from Coba Hoyuk depict Warriors fighting with the lion from a chariot and on foot. The warriors in the chariot have armour as does the horse The archer, probably the ruler, is under the protection of the gods, indicated by the winged sun above his head. The Hittite orthostats are sculpted in Basalt and date from about 750 BC.

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