DAY TRIPPER - CAMDEN LOCK MARKET - Art Photos Series of Camden Shops by Photographer Paul E Williams { 25 images } Created 24 Jun 2021

Day Tripper - Camden Lock Market" is a street photography series by photographer Paul Williams taken in 25th August 2007.

"I lived and had a photography studio in Camden for most of my adult life so it was strange being a day tripper in a place that I knew so well. But taking a day trip around Camden Lock Market that day opened my eyes as never before. When you live somewhere for a long time you become anaesthetised visually to it and I found becoming a day tripper made me look up and see what I had been missing for years on my daily rounds of the area. Camden Market is the second or third most tourist site in London and is a mecca for Goths and anyone that loves having tattoo needles stuck in them. The area is everything that screams Street and Alternative, and every weekend 10,000 people visit. Maybe this is why I failed to stop and look before because being steam rollered along by crowds is not condusive to taking photos from my point of view. The day I took these photos was though early on a sunny week day and the market was not over run with visitors so I could stop, contemplate and let my sub conscious take a few photos and enjoy being a day tripper. Please enjoy". Paul Williams

Photo art prints of the "Day Tripper" series are offered for sale on on this site printed and sent worldwide from the USA. The series is printed as a fine art series on A3+ Hahnemuhle archive photo art paper. These fine art signed prints are sold only through our agents and in some cases direct to collectors.
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