DAY TRIPPER - SIRACUSA - People Photo Art by Photographer Paul E Williams { 27 images } Created 2 Jul 2021

Day Tripper - Siracusa Italy - street photography series by photographer Paul Williams taken on 5th June 2009.

" I was photographing the wonderful Sicilian Baroque cathedrals of southern Sicily in June 2009 when I arrived in Siracusa. An aside first. I am really not a fan of Baroque architecture and art, it smack far too much of Roman Catholic opulence for my taste. The exception though is Sicilian Baroque. A devastating earthquake in 1693 destroyed all the towns in a small area of southern Sicily from Ragusa and Noto to Siracusa. This led to them being rebuilt as pure Sicilian Baroque towns which has a simplicity that makes them well worth a visit. That was why I was in Siracusa only to find its cathedral, the planned target of my camera, hosting a big local wedding and a full on evening "passeggiata" under way in the cathedral square. There are few things more exuberant than a Sicilian wedding and this was no exception. Along with the Siracusa families enjoying their passeggiata ( its what all Italians do in the evening and consists of a gentle wander and chat in the cool evening breeze) the scene that night showed Sicilians celebrating and relaxing as has been their way for generations. It was a joy to be a fly on their wall and record the evening. Enjoy". Paul Williams

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