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Pictures images photos of the Domus de Janus of the Sas Concas prehistoric necropolis, Abbasanta Sardinia. During the Neolithic to Early Bronze age (3400-2700BC) in Sardinia, the pre-Nuragic people of the island cut chamber tombs into soft rocky outcrops to bury their dead in. These are known in Sardinia as Domus de Janas which translates as “house of the fairies” or “witches”. The Domus de Janas tombs were usually conical inside like the shape of a round hut. The roofs were cut into triangular shapes to represent roof timbers. The Domus de Janas tombs had inner chambers and outed chambers. The outer chamber had a small entrance that opened out into wide area in front of a small opening that led to the inner tomb. In the outer room it is common to find concave dips carved into the floor thought to be used to burn offerings. The inner tomb door opening usually has grooves that would probably have held a wooden door. The Domus de Janas tombs were probably decorated in some way and some tombs still have carvings visible on their walls. The necropolis of Sas Concas is a prehistoric archaeological site dates from about 3000BC and in all the site has 19 hypogeal pluricellular tombs as described above. Download pictures and images of the Domus de Janus of the Sas Concas prehistoric necropolis and its tombs as stock photos or buy photo art prints wall art on line. How to get there - On the S.S 131 D.C.N from Abbasanta to Nuoro take the exit to Oniferi and at the first bend there is a small gate that leads to the Sas Concas necropolis.

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