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Dubrovnik Croatia pictures, photos. Images of Dubrovnik medieval old town to buy on line as stock photos or photo art prints. Dubrovnik well deserves its title as Jewel of the Adriatic. Its medieval city centre is one of the great cities of the world. Badly damaged in the Balkans war it has been lovingly restored. The only disappointment with the city are its new pan-tiled roofs that look a bit out of place against the medieval city building. Still surrounded by a massive city wall Dubrovnik juts out into the Adriatic. The large island of Lokrum protects the Dubrovnik bay and creates a natural harbor. Rising steeply from the narrow coastal plain are the Dinaric mountain range with mount Srd looking over the city.

By the 12th century Dubrovnik was ruled by a Rector who was elected by the people. A class of nobleman and landowners was established as Dubrovnik grew in stature with important alliances and trading contracts with Pisa and all the important Adriatic ports. Further agreements with Bosnia and Serbia made it the central trading hub of the Balkans. In 1205 Dubrovnik came under Venetian authority and the Bishop of Venice was made Rector. Venice also nominated the council members of Dubrovnik but never really managed total supremacy in the city. Dubrovnik turned its trading away from Venice to Syria and north Africa and in 1358 the treaty of Zadar set Dubrovnik free from the Venetians.

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