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Pictures images & photos of the Florentine Enamel Terracotta Plaques of the 15th century from the The Louvre Museum collection, Paris. Luca della Robbia, 1400–1482, was an Italian sculptor from Florence who developed a technique for glazing terracotta with enamel. He found that the glaze made his terracotta panels more weatherproof so they became popular amongst the Florentines to decorate the exterior and interior of buildings.
The Bas relief terracotta panels of Luca della Robbia are typified by their blue background. Against this figures are carved and glazed in off white. Foliage is glazed green and often yellow is used for fruit. This restrictive pallet typifies the style of the Luca della Robbia of terracotta enamel plaque makers.The end result are striking plaques that were used to decorated over doorways or in niches. Round terracotta plaques are also common.Download pictures & images of the Florentine Enamel Terracotta Plaques or buy as photo art prints on line.

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