Food Pictures of Fresh Borlotti Beans or Cranberry Beans In Pods & Loose. Food Photos & Images { 37 images } Created 23 Oct 2016

Food Pictures of fresh Borlotti beans, Cranberry bean or Roman bean in pods and loose to download as food photos and food images.

The Borlotti or Cranberry bean is a popular Mediterranean bean being used in Italian, Portuguese (Cantarino bean), Greek and Turkish cuisine. It is a distinctive white bean with maroon mottled patterns on it. It grows in a crimson pod and can be eaten fresh or the beans can be dried.

The Borlotti bean has a rich earthy sweet taste and a smooth creamy texture which goes well with other Mediterranean ingredients such as tomatoes. Borlotti beans are an important ingredient in Italian cooking and are used in a range of recipes from Salads to casseroles. As an accompaniment fresh Borlotti beans, or dried beans soaked for at least 12 hours, can be covered with water and simmered with thyme, rosemary, bay and celery.

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