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Food pictures photos and images of fresh cultivated Enokitake mushrooms, also known as Enodake or Enoki mushrooms with the common name of golden needle mushroom or lily mushroom (Flammulina velutipes).

The cultivated Enokitake mushroom differs greatly from its wild version. The cultivated Enoki grows like tightly packed bunches of pale straw with tiny caps on top whilst the wild version is seafood pink and has large caps on stems which grow on the Hackberry tree or in Japanese the “Enoki” tree.

The cultivated Enokitake mushroom are deprived of light and oxygen and grow very long with small caps. If they are grown in an environment with more oxygen the Enoki mushrooms grow shorter with bigger caps. When exposed to light the Enoki become pale pink and when exposed to sunshine they become brown.

Usually the cultivated Enokitake mushroom available in shops is thin and long. The Enoki is a sodium free mushroom rich in vitamin B3 and cholesterol free. High in potassium the Enokitake mushroom also contains ergothioneine, an antioxidant, which helps boost the immune system and may potentially become an anti cancer vaccine. Research has shown that Proflamin in the Enoki can help fight tumours and field studies have shown that rates of cancer in areas of Japan where the Enoki grows and is eaten is low.

Proteins in the Enoki mushroom in studies by the National University of Singapore have been shown to regulate the immune system and keep the liver healthy. In Japan therefore the Enoki mushroom is valued for its culinary and health giving properties.

The delicate nature of the Enoki mushrooms means that it requires short cooking times and therefore can be added to stir fries at the end of the cooking process. Enoki mushrooms are also delicious when added to scrambled eggs or omelettes in which their delicate flavour is not over powered.

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