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Food pictures of fresh and cooked pied de mouton mushrooms or hedgehog mushrooms (hydnum repandum).

The pied de mouton or hedgehog mushroom is a wild mushroom that gets its name from the spiky gills under its tan yellow irregular shaped top that resemble hedgehog spines. When cooked, these spines look more like fine matted hairs which probably led the French to name the mushroom pied de mouton or sheep's feet. In northern Europe it fruits from September to December.

When fresh the pied de mouton mushroom has a whitish top which browns with age. They grow in rings or straight lines on woodland floors and give off a mild fruity odour.

When freshly picked and cooked the pied de mouton or hedgehog mushrooms are fleshy firm and do not shrink. Their flavour is mild with a sweet nutty flavour which becomes more bitter as the mushroom ages.

Pied de mouton or hedgehog mushrooms are delicious simply sautéed in butter with herbs and maybe some lemon juice. As with all wild mushrooms their delicate flavour can also be enjoyed by cooking them in omelettes or serving them with scrambled eggs and fresh sour dough bread.

The pied de mouton or hedgehog mushrooms does not usually have maggots and has no poisonous look alike making it one of the safer edible mushrooms to pick.

It contains repandiol a doepoxide compound which produces strong cytoxtic activity against various tumor cells in laboratory tests.

The pied de mouton or hedgehog mushrooms grow throughout the world being recorded in Australia, Europe, northern Asia and North America. It has been listed on the endangered species list in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
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