Gothic Limoges Enamel of National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC) - Pictures & Images { 51 images } Created 31 Jan 2015

Pictures, image, photos of Gothic and Romanesque Enamel exhibited at the National Museum of Catalan Art, Barcelona against a warm art background. This picture gallery of Gothic Enamel shows typical examples of Gothic enamel work. Limoges in France was a centre of vitreous enamel production by the 12th century but the style was copied throughout Christendom. Champlevé enamels plaques and "chasse caskets" or reliquaries which were mass-produced and affordable for parish churches and the gentry. The enamel was usually applied on a copper base, but also sometimes on silver or gold. The metal was either cast or its surface was carved, etched or die struck with a design which was then filled with vitreous enamel. Mosan art is a regional style of art from the valley of the Meuse in present-day Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. Gothic enamel work was used to make varied objects from crosses and chalices to reliquaries. Its distinctive yellow metal designs against a blue enamel background are very easy to recognise. Pictures and images of Gothic Enamel from the Louvre can be bought on line as photo art prints or downloaded as high resolution stock photos.

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