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Pictures & images of painted Gothic Virgin Madonna and Child, or Madonna and Child statues exhibited at the National Museum of Catalan Art, Barcelona.

The pictures of these exhibits show statues of one of the most important deities of the Christian pantheon. The Virgin Madonna has always been seen by Roman Catholics as an intercessor between man and Christ. Churches and shrines have been very important to Roman Catholics where prayers to the Virgin Madonna are hopefully passed straight onto Christ and in turn to God. The Virgin and Child must have been one of the most difficult interpretations for Medieval artists. The diverse depictions have a common look in which the Virgin Madonna is depicted as a solemn demure mother whose responsibility to nurture the Son of God is depicted by subtle facial expressions. The Medieval artist had not not yet been released by the Enlightenment and emotions are understated in Gothic Virgin and Child sculptures. They are though some of the most endearing sculptures of the Middle ages and the range of interpretations shows the range creative abilities of the Medieval artist.

Pictures and images of Gothic Virgin Madonna and Child statues exhibits from the National Museum of Catalan Art can be bought on line as photo art prints or downloaded line.

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