HEAVENS GATE - Photos of the Sculpture of Staglieno Cemetery Genoa by Paul E Williams { 37 images } Created 24 Jun 2021

HEAVENS GATES - THE STAGLIENO MONUMENTAL CEMETERY GENOA- A black and white photo series by Paul Williams taken in 2019.

" Tombs have been important to mankind for thousands of years. The great stone neolithic portal tombs show how much trouble people were willing to go to when it came to burial rites. Every civilisation since has left incredible tombs that we still marvel at today. A less well known marvel, except to scholars of Italian Naturalistic Sculpture, is the huge Staglieno cemetery in Genoa. The Staglieno cemetery It is the go to place to see some of the finest Italian naturalistic statues made in the late 1800's. The quality of the statues is astounding with life size sculptures adorning huge family tombs. Significant sculptors with work at Staglieno include Leonardo Bistolfi, Augusto Rivalta, Giulio Monteverde, Eugenio Baroni, Edoardo Alfieri and Vittorio Lavezzari. Dust that has settled on the statues of Staglieno over time has given them an unusual patina demonstrating that there are rarely visited by mass tourism. Its is strange looking at life like statues of the inhabitants of the tombs at Staglieno and the level detail gives us a glimpse back 150 years to how people dressed and coiffured themselves. No detail has been left out. Every stitch in the garments have been chiselled out of the stone. Strands of hair and tears have been sculpted with great skill by the artists. Like a lot of photographers I have always been drawn to cemeteries and like Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, Staglieno is an incredible place to visit. I hope you enjoy the photos". Paul Williams

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