Images of Carreg Coetan Arthur Megalithic Burial Mound | Pictures & Photos | { 25 images } Created 22 Feb 2015 & images of Carreg Coetan Arthur, a megalithic burial dolmen from the Neolithic period, circa 3000 BC, near Newport, North Pembrokeshire, Wales. Carreg Coetan Arthur is a pretty little quoit on the edge of a small estate of bungalows on the outskirts of Newport, North Pembrokeshire. Quoits are also known as dolmen, portal tombs or portal graves. They were built by Neolithic Britains and would have originally been at the centre of an earth burial mound. The huge stone capstones would have been put onto of the stone orthostats by dragging then up the earthworks that made up they burial mound then over the stone orthoststs that made up the walls of the burial chamber. Over the las 4000 years the earth has been washed away to leave Carreg Coetan Quoit as we see it today. Quoits was a popular game throughout the ages which con sited of throwing metal rings over a pin. Mythology had it that giants once lived in Great Britain who ere big enough to raise the great stones of monuments like Stonehenge. These giants also liked to play quoits and legend has it that stone monuments, like Carreg Coetan Arhur , were the aftermath of a game of quoits, the big capstone being thrown by giants onto the standing stones. Download as high resolution stock royalty free images of food picture images to download on line.

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