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Images, pictures & photos of St Mawes Castle, built as part opt a defensive chain of south coast fortresses between 1540 & 1545 by King of England, Henry VIII. Near Falmouth, Cornwall, England. In 1534 with the English Act of Supremacy, Henry VII made himself the head of the church in England and rejected the Pope in Rome. This isolated England and with the Divorce of his first wife, the Spanish Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII made himself of Spain as well as Catholic Europe. Expecting to be attacked Henry VIII ordered the building a a chain of forts along the south coast of England that would be state of the art gun emplacements. These artillery forts became known as Device Forts or Henrician Castles. St Mawes Castle is a Device fort built to overlook the extensive harbour of Falmouth, one of the largest natural harbours in England, being built on the banks of the River Fal estuary. As well as its innovative military design, some of which is Henry VIII’s own, St Mawes Castle is also aesthetically pleasing. The castle did not see any military action against a Spanish invasion as Spains great Armada was famously destroyed by Sir Francis Drake. The design of St Mawes Castle was so ahead of its time that it was used during the Parliamentary forces in 1646. St Mawes Castle was strengthened in the Naplolionic wars and in I1870, the battery was armed with four 64 pounder guns.

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