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Korma, also spelled kormaa, qorma, khorma, or kurma, is a mild creamy curry from South Asia which is made by slow braising meat or vegetables. In Korma curries the meat is traditionally marinated in yoghurt or curds then braised on a low heat for a long time until the juices from the meat or vegetables and yoghurt form a thick sauce. In restaurants Korma are finished off with ground almonds, coconut and thick cream to create a yellow thick mild sauce. Traditional Korma can be much more spicy with chillies, ground coriander and cumin, cinnamon, ginger and garam masala. The common element though between restaurant and various traditional types of Korma is the marinating, slow cooking and the use of almonds and cream. Restaurant Korma's have had to be adapted to the problem of not having enough time for the slow cooking which is why they have become the mild curry option on Indian restaurant menus.

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