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Koszeg, Hungary pictures, photos. Images of Baroque buildings, Castle, & Churches to buy on line as stock photos or photo art prints. The origins of the only free royal town in the historical garrison county of Vas (Eisenburg) go back to the third quarter of the 13th century. It was founded by the Volfer family, a branch of the Héder clan, who had settled in Hungary in 1157 AD. Sometime before 1274 Heinrich II and his son Ivan moved the court of the K?szegi, a breakaway branch of the family, from Güssing to K?szeg (Güns). For decades, the town was the seat of the dukes of K?szeg (Güns). Only in 1327 did Charles Robert of Anjou finally break the power of the K?szegi family in Western Transdanubia, and a year later in (1328), elevated the town to Royal status. The town boundaries were fixed during the Anjou dynasty (1347-1381). In 1392 the Royal town became a fiefdom, when the Palatinate Nicolas Garai repaid a bond paid to King Sigismund of Luxembourg by the Ellerbach family from Monyorókerék.

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