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Pictures images & photos of the Louvre in Paris has a large Medieval collection part of which are Limoge enamels. The name Pseudo-Monvaerni derives from the inscription MONVAERNI on a triptych now in the Taft Museum. Since the inscription is not a signature the artist responsible for the triptych is now referred to as Pseudo-Monvaerni or the Monvaerni Master. Pseudo-Monvaerni is recognised as one of the first of the artists working with painted enamel in Limoges, arriving there some time around 1460-1480. Art historians have attributed an extraordinary number of enamels to the master since he was first named on the basis of the Taft triptych in the 1840s, leaving a rather incoherent body of work.The louvre collection houses Pseudo-Monvaerni limoge enamel plaques. Buy as high resolution royalty free stock photos to download on line or buy as photo art prints. Non editorial right must be obtained from the Louvre Paris.

Limoges Enamel Photo Collection

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