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Pictures, photos & images of Mides Gerge, Tunisia. Mides is situated in the Djerid region of south west of Tunisia, right on the border with Algeria. Mides is a small mountain oasis amidst this dry and arid desert region.

Mides has an impressive gorge which has been sculpted out of the rock by the river torrents of former ages. The main gorge is 3km long and was part of the natural defense of the original village. The water carved its way through these cliffs, leaving wonderful shapes and natural monuments to be enjoyed today. The amazing shapes and contrast of colors in the pink rocks makes this a stunning natural landscape. The canyon was used for filming Raiders of the Lost Ark and The English Patient.

One surprising feature of Mides gorge is its waterfall. Springs rise in the oasis of Mides and a small stream runs through the oasis over a rocky cliff into the gorge. If it rains the stream swell to a torrent and the gorge is flooded and beomes a lake for a short time.

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