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To discover the origins of the Minced pie we have to look back a thousand years or so. Preserving the abundant summer foods for the long cold winters was of great importance for the survival of a family. Meat and fruits were preserved together to make kince meat.

The early mince pie was commonly known as Christmas Pye, Crib pie or manger pie. These oblong or square pies were meant to represent the cradle of Jesus. In the middle each pie was the pastry figure of the baby Jesus which the children of the house would traditionally remove and eat.

By 1413 the mince pie had become a favourite of the English kings being served at the coronation of King Henry V . King Henry VIII made the Christmas pie the centre of his Christmas celebration and in 1588 Edward Allde published a recipe for "Minst Pye" in his book Good Hous-Wives Treasurie.

By 1875 meat had disappeared all together from the mince pie recipe. Many recipe variations existed with nuts, apples and ginger.

Cassals Dictionary Of Cookery has several recipes of which this is one:
"To make mince pies without meat, carefully prepare, as before directed, a pound an a half of fresh beef-suet, and chop it as small as possible; stone and chop a pound and a half of Smyrna raisins; well wash and dry on a coarse with two pounds of currants; peel, core, and cut small three pounds of russet apples; add a quarter of an ounce of mixed cinnamon and mace in powder, four cloves powdered, a pound an a half of powdered sugar, a tea-spoonful of salt, the juice of a lemon and its peel finely grated, and a table-spoonful of mixed candied fruit cut very small."

Today mince pies are a popular Christmas ttreat and they have prooved so popular that cake manufacturers make them all year round.

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