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MuseoPics on line photos of Lycian sarcophagus exhibited at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Turkey. Photos against a black background. The Lycians were an ancient civilisation that lived along the mountainous coast between Antalya and Fethiye in present day Turkey. The Lycians were much admired by the Ancient Greeks for the way their city states formed a democratic union. In 205 BC the Lycian city states formed the Lycian league. The Lycian federal system was studied by those who drew up the first constitution of the United States. The Necropolis near Sidon is in present day Lebanon. In 1887 the Necropolis was excavated and a well preserved Lycian sarcophagi was unearthed. The Sarcophagus of the Lycian is a pristine grey marble from Paros with hunting scenes and 2 sphinxes adorning its gothic stele pitched roof.

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