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Pictures photos Images of Norcia, Italy. Nestling in the Apennines in Umbria is the historic town of Norcia. In 480 St Benedict was born in Norcia and in the 8th century a Benedictine monastery was built over the remains of St Benedict's birthplace. The monks created a surgical school and Norcia surgeons became famed throughout Europe and one even attended the Court of Elizabeth I in England. The monks also helped the local farmers improve their pig breeds and today Norcia is famous for the meat from its semi-wild penned black belted pigs. Norcia is full of Norcinaria, butchers selling hams, salamis and fresh Norcia pig meat which attracts tourists and gourmets from all over Italy. Sadly on 30 October 2016 Norcia was hit by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake and although nobody was hurt much of the town was damaged. The Church of St Dominic and most of the other old buildings Norcia collapsed and are waiting the long process of rebuilding. Our favourite Norcineria in Norcia is Il Caale di li Tappi and can be found just outside the town along a small country road. Il Caale di li Tappi featured in the BBC Italy7 unpacked and we can testify that their sausages are probably the best in the world, no kidding !!!

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