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Pictures images photos of the Renaissance paintings of the Treasure Hall in the Costabili Palace Ferrara, Italy. The Treasure Hall was possibly originally used as a library or a repository of precious objects. It is one of the best known rooms in the Palace due to the beautiful renaissance painting decorating it's ceiling. The paintings were made by Benvenuto Tisi, also known as il Garofalo, who was an important painter of the Ferrara Renaissance school. The painting on the ceiling of the Treasure Hall are painted using upward perspective which gives the illusion, to the viewers below, that they are looking up to the sky and around the top of the roof a stone balustrade. The ceiling painting has a painted central dome which is held up by four wide painted beams that run out to the wall tops. This leaves 4 quarter lights through which people can be seen over the balustrade, presumably the Costabili family, talking to each other and some are leaning over looking down at you. The effect is both rich and startling and a wonderfully intimate example of Renaissance perspective work. The painting in the Treasure Hall reveals real people in dress from the period. Oriental carpets are draped over the balustrade for them to lean on. Groups of men talk earnestly , young women look down wistfully holding a lute, a man in an oriental turban, possibly a scholar to the court, gives an exotic air to the painting and the scene depicts a family, and courtiers, of great culture and all of whom are at ease conversing below bowers laden with exotic fruit and accompanied by cherubs. The Treasure Hall ceiling paintings are a wonderful example of the playfulness that the Renaissance brought to art and also a wonderful example of how powerful families saw themselves. Download pictures of the paintings of the Treasure Hall in the Costabili Palace Ferrara as stock photos .

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