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San Marco Piazza pictures photos & images .The central focal point of Venice is St Marks Square and few squares in the world can boast such a diverse and unique set of buildings as those that surround St Mark’s square. The BASLICA of SAINT MARKS s is an extraordinary mixture of Romanesque and Gothic architecture decorated with oriental panels looted during the sack of Constantinople in 1453. Its famous Four horses stand out from its balcony proclaiming Venice’s power, and the Byzantine mosaics proclaim Venice’s Christianity. The mixtures of styles demonstrate Venice’s independence from both the west and the east that so infuriated Popes. Venice has always looked to the East more than the west and its architecture and art have more than a tinge of Oriental influences. THE DOGE PALACE - Right next to the Basilica of St Marks is the Doges Palace. After the campanile of San Marco the fist major building visitors would see when sailing into Venice would have been the Doges Palace. It is a classic Venetian Gothic building built in the 15th Century. The Doges Palace is a mixture of simple form with intricate gothic arches that combine and scream out power and a sense of style. The Doges Palace is a fitting building for one of the most powerful rulers of the Medieval world. THE CLOCK TOWER - One of the landmark buildings in St Marks Square, Venice, is the Astrological Clock Tower. Built between 1496 and 1497 and the inauguration of both tower and clock took place on 1 February 1499 and the two bronze statues at the top of the tower have been striking the hour ever since. THE LIBRARY OF SNSOVINO - The area from the campanile to the lagoon is occupied by Biblioteca Marciana (library of St Mark) designed by Jacopo Sansovino . Building started in 1537 and it was extended, after the death of Sansovino, by Vincenzo Scamozzi in 1588/91. The building was said by Palladio to be "the most magnificent and ornate structure built since ancient times". The arcade continues to the end of the building with cafés and shops and also the entrances to the Archaeological Museum, the Biblioteca Marciana and the National Library, which occupy the floors above. The construction was not without problems which led to the disgrace of Sansovino after one of the arcades collapsed and he was fined and thrown into prison.

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