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Pictures photos images of Jvari Monastery, a 6th century Georgian Orthodox monastery near Mtskheta, eastern Georgia. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic church of Jvari Monastery, Mtskheta, former capital of Georgia, is an outstanding example of medieval religious architecture in the Caucasus. It shows the high artistic and cultural level attained by the ancient kingdom of Iberia. Jvari Monastery is situated on a sheer bluff of a rocky mountain top overlooking the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, and the town of Mtskheta, which was formerly the capital of the Kingdom of Iberia. Local legend believes that in the early 4th century Saint Nino, a female missionary who converted King Mirian III of Iberia to Christianity, came to a pagan temple on the site of present day Jvari Monastery and erected a wooden cross. Traditional stories tell that The cross was able to work miracles and became a centre of pilgrimage for pilgrims from over the Caucasus. In 545 a small church was erected on the site known as the "Small Church of Jvari”. the deeds of Saint Nino, are documented by Georgian, Armenian, Greek and Roman historians, and the 6th-century church in Jvari Monastery remains the most sacred place in Georgia. The small church was replaced by the "Great Church of Jvari” around 590 by King Erismtavari Stepanoz I acording to inscriptions on facade of Jvari church. The Jvari church was built with four apse’s in the shape of a cross, with four niches domed tetraconch. Between the four apses are three-quarter cylindrical niches which are open to the central space. The Jvari church is believed to be one, if not, the first example of this floor plan which became a model for many churches throughout Georgia and the Byzantine Empire. Whether the floor four apse design originated in Georgia of Armenia is hotly debated by academics from both countries. The Historical Monuments of Mtskheta contain archaeological remains of great significance that testify to the high culture in the art of building, masonry crafts, pottery, as well as metal casting and processing, and the social, political, and economic evolution of this mountain kingdom for some four millennia. Download pictures & images of Jvari Monastery, a 6th century Georgian Orthodox monastery or buy as photo art prints on line.

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