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Pictures photos imagse of Timotesubani medieval Orthodox monastery Church of the Holy Dormition (Assumption), dedicated to the Virgin Mary, 1184-1213, Samtskhe-Javakheti region, Georgia (country). The village of Timotesubani is situated in the leafy Borjomi Gorge in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia. It is home to a monastery complex founded in 11th century. The monastery became a pilgimage place for many medieval feuding knights, typically looking for absolution or asking God for sucess in their campaigns. During the medieval “Golden Age” of Georgia under Queen Tamar, 1184-1213, the famous Georgian knights Shalva and Ivane Toreli led contingincies in the largest army Georgia had ever fielded against the Turks. According to legend went to Timotesubani monastery, to pray for victory in return for which they would build a church at Timotesubani. It seems their prayers were heard because on the night of July 23 1202 the army they were part of started a battle that, after 2 days, conclusively beat the Turks 400,000 men capturing high value prisoners such as the Sultan of Erzincan. In thanks Shalva and Ivane Toreli kept their promise and payed for the Church of the Holy Dormition (Holy Virgin), dedcated to the Virgin Mary, to be built at Timotesubani. The Timotesubani church of the Dormition (Assumption) was built of pinkish Georgian brick to a cruciform floor plan. The eastern end of the church has 3 apses. Above the centre of the church is a high Georgian style cupola supported on 2 columns. The Timotesubani church of the Dormition is one of the most significant monuments of the Georgian “Golden Age” because of the unique frescoes inside the church. Paintings depicting the Dormition of the Virgin fill a complete wall while every surface of the interior was covered with frescoes. The frescoes date from the 11th - 13th century so the Timotesubani church of the Dormition is a tresure trove of medieval Georgian art created during the reign of Queen Tamar. The fresco murals have been rescued and preserved by the Global Fund of Cultural Heritage. Download pictures & imagse of Timotesubani medieval Orthodox monastery Church of the Holy Dormition (Assumption), or buy as photo art prints on line.

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