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Pictures images photos of the Basilica Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Tuscania. The Basilica Church of Santa Maria Maggiore is a hybrid of Romanesque and early Gothic art. In 852 Pope Leo IV issued a Papal Bull to the Bishop of Tuscania, Urbano, to build a new church. The Basilica Church of Santa Maria Maggiore was duly built on the foundations of an earlier church which dated back to the 7th century. In the 12 century Santa Maria Maggiore was given a makeover with a new early gothic facade incorporating elements of the earlier Romanesque church. The main portal of the Basilica Church of Santa Maria Maggiore is probably rebuilt from an earlier Romanesque doorway. The Lunette which has sculptures in a Romanesque style is laid over a later lintel. In the centre is a sculpture of the Madonna with child making a blessing, to its left is a Bas relief of Abraham about to slaughter Isaac and to the right is the Lamb of God. The door pillars have sculptures of St Paul, left and St Peter, right. They are standing on Romanesque decorative panels. A line of simple pillars support simple archivolts that radiate in semi circles out to Romanesque carved pillars standing on lions. The left hand portal also shows signs of Romanesque Norman-Sicilian influences with decorative geometric archivolts. The Rose window comes from the early Gothic rebuild which saw the church reconsecrated on October 6th 1206. The Rose window of Santa Maria Maggiore is above a simple Loggia with Griffins at each end rather gruesomely holding decapitated heads. The interior has a fine 14th century fresco of the Last Judgement. Rather well preserved, it is attributed to Gregory and Donato D’Arezzo. Around the apse wall are earlier Byzantine style frescoes of the Apostles. The altar has a rare early Gothic stone canipe with frescoes on the inside of its roof.

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