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Pictures & stock photos of Bomarzo Sacred Grove also known as the Park of Monsters, Italy. 68 kilometres (42 mi) north-northwest of Rome is a Renaissance Mannerist garden built in a wooded valley below the hill top town of Bomarzo. rediscovered and restored in the 1970s the Bomarzo Park of Monsters reveals the High Renaissance preoccupation with classical themes. The garden was built by Pier Francesco Orsini (1513-84), Duke of Bomarzo, in memory of his wife Guila Farnese. Strewn with giant fantastical statues carved out of local stone, the Bomarzo sacred grove is packed with Medieval and Renaissance iconography which is a philosophical journey through themes of love, death, memory and truth. Many of the visual references would have been easily understood by the Renaissance aristocracy who ere well versed in the writing of Dante, Petrarch and Aristotle, but to modern eyes much of the sophisticated visual iconography of Bomarzo has been lost. This is probably why the Sacred Grove of Bomarzo has been renamed The park of Monsters because to a modern world that is not versed in classical mythology the gardens appear to be full of meaningless giants and monsters. Luckily the entrance fee includes a good guide that reveals the meanings behind the statues of Bomarzo which reveals a sophisticated aristocracy that loved visual games to show off they're learning.

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