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Pictures photos images of Castelluccio de Norcia in the Apennines, Italy. Castelluccio de Norcia is the highest village at 1452 m (4763 Ft) in the Apennine Mountains in central Italy. Castelluccio is built on a rocky hill that overlooks a high flat plateau surrounded by high Sibilline Mountains known as the Piano Grande or great plain in the heart of Valnerina, inside the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini (Mounts Sibillini National Park). The highest Sibillini Mountain is Monte Vettore which is 8,123 Ft (2,476 m) high. The Piano Grande de Castelluccio is a classic example of Karst topography being a Karastic basin that is made up of porous limestone that hold underground water. Water drains off the plain through underground waterways which if blocked cause the Piano Grande to flood and become a temporary lake, In the winter the high plateau and mountains around Castelluccio are covered in snow and there is a small ski resort on the edge of the valley. In the early summer around May and June, the Piano Grande erupts into bloom with wild flowers and lentil plants turning the plateau into a flower show known as called Fiorita or Fioritura (Flowering) of Castelluccio di Norcia. Castelluccio de Norcia is famous for its wonderful lentils that grown on the slopes of the Piano Grande. The lentils produced here are multicoloured browns and pinks and have a flavour that makes them coveted all over Italy. A local speciality is Castelluccio lentils with Norcia pork sausages. Castelluccio de Norcia is a picturesque remote village situated amongst beautiful mountains high above Norcia making it a popular trekking destination in the summer.

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