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Pictures of Etruscan artefacts and antiquities. The Etruscans are often overlooked as their culture was hijacked and eclipsed by the Romans. The Etruscans occupied the region of modern day Tuscany from where they spread south into Lazio, which surrounds Rome, and down to southern Italy. The early Kings of Rome were Etruscan and the last of them, Tarquin, is still remembered in the Etruscan town of Tarquinia north of Rome. The Etruscans built the great cities of Pompeii Capua and Orvieto. They loved to build fortified hill top towns as can be seen by the incredible number that still survive in Italy today. The Etruscans did not build a unified state under one ruler though and each of the cities were autonomous city states. Before the Etruscans were annexed by the Romans they maintaining extensive trade networks throughout the Mediterranean as well as building impressive fortified cities and making exquisite art creating a culture that, while deeply connected to the Greeks, had striking contrasts. They developed a system of roads and invented what we call the Roman arch. While they had their own system of government, their own myths and legends, and their own cultural attributes, the Etruscans imported and repurposed much from the Greeks - and, in turn, gave much to the Romans. Without the Etruscans, much of what we associate with the Roman world, and thus the foundations of Western civilisation, would largely disappear. Even though the Etruscans copied many of the Greek styles of art they still gave their artefacts an Etruscan style. Characters that are depicted in Etruscan often have thin pointed stylised faces as can be seen on their incredible sarcophagus covers, some of which depict almost life size couples lying on the lids. The Etruscans were skilled craftsmen with bronze making extraordinary powerful statues such as the "Chimera of Arezzo”. The Etruscans preferred sculpting in Terracotta rather than stone even though the much prized mines of marble at Carrera was in their territory.

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