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Pictures images photos of Giau Pass (Passo di Giau) in the Dolomite Mountain range, Italy. Giau Pass (Passo di Giau) is one the highest mountain pass roods in Europe. The Giau pass is located in the Dolomites near Colle Santa Lucia, Italy (46°29.05′N 12°5.1′E). At its highest point to pass is  2236 m ( 7335 Ft ) high and it is overshadowed by the sheer craggy peaks of Mount Nuvolau, 2,574 m ( 8444 Ft ) high. To many the Giau pass is the most beautiful in the Dolomites with incredible vistas of the Dolomite Mountain range stretching into the distance. The Giau Pass is a paradise for motor bikers who enjoy the long spectacular 14% south west descent into the valleys below through narrow gorges and wooded valleys with the high peaks of the Dolomites above. This spectacular road is an important stage of the Giro d’Italia, Italy's most important bicycle race, and is the sixth climb in the annual bicycle race Maratona dles Dolomites, which covers 7 Dolomite passes in one day. The Giau pass is recognised amongst bicyclists as one of the great bike climb challenges in Europe. Giau Pass is also a mecca for mountain climbers who ascend the sheer craggy cliffs of the Nuvolau dell’Averau. The long mountain sierras make fantastic mountain hiking walks with spectacular views.

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