Pictures of Pomposa Abbey Romanesque Frescoes - Italy { 36 images } Created 9 Feb 2016

Pictures images photos of the Romanesque Pomposa Abbey and its early Renaissance frescoes. Pomposa Abbey near Ferrara, Italy, is a Romanesque Benedictine Abbey dating from 874. Pomposa was one of the most important Abbey’s in northern Italy and was renown for its library which held an important collection of Carolingian manuscripts. The Abbey church is dedicated to Saint Mary and is a Romanesque triple nave Ravenna style basilica with wooden rafters. The frescoes that can be seen today in the churches interior were painted by Vitale de Bologna and his assistance in the 14th century. These early Renaissance frescoes depict scenes from the life of Christ. In the Apse, above the altar, is a Byzantine style fresco of Christ Pantocrator in which Christ is revealed in an oval mandorla, which is used in Byzantine art to depict a moment that transcends time and space such as the resurrection. The fresco panels either side of the Aisle depict scenes from the nativity and the life of Jesus Christ in a lively colourful style. The greco panels are full of life and movement and each story is depicted with a simple clarity. The campanile of Pomposa was begun in 1063 and stands at 48m high. It is one of the finest Romanesque bell towers from this period left standing.

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