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Pictures images photos of the Romanesque Basilica San Michele in Foro, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. San Michele in Foro was built in the 10th century in a square in Lucca that used to be the Roman Forum. San Michele was commissioned in 1070 by Pope Alexander II who was previouslyBishop of Lucca. The facade is built in the Pisan Tuscan style typical of Romanesque churches of the Period such as the Duomo of Lucca. The facade of San Michele in Foro is a beautiful example of Tuscan Romanesque design with high blind Romanesque arches reaching nearly half up the building on top of which are built four storey of open gallery arcades. The arcades of San Michele in Foro are composed of rounded arches supported on historiated sculpted or decorative columns. Between the galleries of arches are inlays of green marble against a white marble background depicting mythical animals, men hunting and exotic birds. The architrave of the galleries is decorated foliage sculpted in deep relief. The columns holding up of the arcades of the arcades of San Michele in Foro are all different. Some are sculpted with mythical animals that were much beloved by medieval sculptors some of which can be found in the Medieval Bestiaries. Other columns are inlayed with marble to make exuberant designs. The overall effect of the facade of the San Michele in Foro is of a fine example of vibrant three dimensional example of Pisan-Tuscan Romanesque architecture. The top two arcades of San Michele in Foro are narrower and stand above the roof height. On top of these galleries stands a Romanesque statue of San Michele sleighing a dragon. The exterior design of San Michele in Foro is typical of the local Pisan-Tuscan Romanesque architecture which is instantly recognised in the famous Leaning Tower and Duomo of nearby Pisa.

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