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.Pictures images photos of the painted Ancient Greek tomb frescoes of Poseidonia later renamed by the Romans as Paestum when they conquerored it in 275 BC. Paestum is renowned for its tomb frescoes most of which were painted the third century BC when Poseidonia was a Lucanian town. There is though one older example of true Greek fresco technique, the "Tomb of the Diver", which is the only example of Greek painting with figured scenes dating from the Orientalizing, Archaic, or Classical periods to survive in its entirety. Among the thousands of Greek tombs known from this time (roughly 700–400 BC), this is the only one to have been decorated with frescoes of human subjects. In ancient Greece, the symposium was an important social drinking party and the long sides of the Tomb of the diver are painted with men reclining on couches drinking. Some of the men are calling for wine from a slave boy who is depicted on one of the end panels of the tomb with a wreathed crater. In one panel of the Symposium the men are depicted with musical instruments possibly playing the songs of Eros to help the deceased journey to the next world. On the other Symposium panel there is a sense of sexuality between 2 male figures who look longingly at each other. The scenes could depict the next world where pleasure rules and the deceased will be reborn. The lid of the Tomb of the Diver depicts a young man diving into the Ocean of death which symbolises the the passage from life to death. On the last end panel other there is a cortege made up of a naked young man with a short blue cape proceeded by a flutist and followed by a pedagogue leaning on a cane. The other tomb paintings that have serviced in Paestum belonging to the period of the Lucanian rule. Popular frescos depict chariot racing, hunting scenes, duals beaten men and the deceased on his or her death bed. The collection of Paestum tomb paintings can be seen in the museum of Paestum adjacent to the archaeological site. The tomb paintings of Paestum which have survived in remarkable condition. A UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site.Pictures from Paestum National Archaeological Museum.

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