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Picture photos image of the medieval moated castle of Rocca Sanvitale, Fontanello, Italy Situated near Palma in the Po Valley of northern Italy is the town of Fontanello. The centre of the town is dominated by the moated Rocca Sanvitale, or Sanvitale Castle. The foundations of the castle are late medieval 13th century but most of the style of the building is that of 15th century early Renaissance. In this period in Northern Italy, the Po Valley was covered in small principality and Dukedoms that were constantly at war with each other and its citizens. One way to protect ruling families was to build moated castles inside towns. Examples of this can be seen in Ferrara and our pictures show Rocca Sanvitale in Fontanello is typical proto type of the medieval urban castle dwelling of the period. In the middle ages the Rocca Sanvitale moat would have offered protection to those in the castle as well a source of fish for the ‘lean days’ when Roman Catholicism banned the consumption of meat. The need for house castles demonstrate the precariousness of being a ruling Noble in medieval Italy. The strong fortifications of Rocca Sanvitale show that the rulers of Fontanello were in danger from the other noble families of Fontanello as well as attacks from neighbouring Castles.

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